CeLs is an international network of retail and marketing experts, renowned for managing customer engagement.
Our role serves to create powerful social experiences through a wide set of combined services and products.

In oTher words
At CELS, we build an identity and a set of values for shopping malls and leisure destinations, helping brands interact more closely with their visitors and customers.


We offer customised solutions to build loyal relationships with a community.

CeLs works with shopping centres, retail complexes, leisure and sport hubs.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary know-how we can help directors and sales managers understand their clients’ needs and expectations — and then implement effective strategies and actions to satisfy this demand.

From loyalty systems to live events, from media in mall to festive lighting, CeLs proposes a full-range support to retail destinations: a flexible and modular set of commercial services to engage existing customers and reach new ones.

We do it with an in-depth knowledge of market trends and cultural backgrounds.

Our Work Strategy: an example
As Consultants, we may conduct a complete analysis and then advise our client about mall activities to reach and engage a specific target group, say families.
As Producers, we deliver a complete Family entertainment Centre experience: sub-brands, sets, mascot and costume characters, music compilation, digital games/apps, event schedule and more.

CeLs operates both as a consultancy firm and as project managers and producers.


International Expertise

Operational Offices
– Dubai (UAE)
– Doha (Qatar)

Italian-based Creative Partners
For cutting-edge branding, graphic design, artistic projects and digital solutions


Today’s marketing is all about building committed bonds.
Adopting a strategic approach in customer relation has become essential.

Target analysis: the first step
To reach your clients, you need to know them closely. who they are. what they look for.
New technologies have created big opportunities to understand customers’ spending behaviours, tastes and desires. CeLs combines raw data and innovative tools with a “holistic approach”, analysing both emotional and marketing factors to ascertain the customer experience — and then act accordingly.

CELS modEL: turning customer insights into real opportunities.


Why relationships are so important

It’s the emotional connection that makes a place unique: customers are loyal to a brand as long as they are affected by its values.

The role of loyalty
In a competitive scenario it’s vital to turn customers into brand ambassadors: their loyalty helps you attract new clients with less effort.

Market research
Brand Relationship Scan
Loyalty programme data
Behavioural mapping software
(e.g. e-beacon system, Bluetooth sensing, 2G, 3G, 4G and wi-Fi tracking)

Branding & Marketing plans
Digital signage
Special events, contests, gamification
User experience platforms
(social media, web apps)

TIME FOR aCTION: CELS’ fuLL rangE of offErS

Leverage every “touch point” with visitors: we don’t have a one-size-fits-all method: all our solutions are customised depending on clients’ needs and desires.