Services we offer

Our technologies merge client’s offline behaviour with the use of mobile phones, building a cross-media platform that enables interaction (through in-store push notifications, WhatsApp, text messages or emails) and then measures conversion at point of sale (offline).


The platform includes solutions for customer intelligence, behaviour analysis, communication and interaction on social media, via smartphone and in the mall itself.
The platform includes solutions for customer intelligence, behaviour analysis, commWith these tools, a shopping centre manager can tailor relationships with different customer groups, giving people a more meaningful experience while they are engaging with the shopping centre’s brand – at the mall, at home, or on the go.

A progressive solution

CELS Platform is an easy way to get started with customer engagement: our products are modular – they can be used together or separately. You can begin with a simple smartphone app and then develop your platform as needed: social media, fidelity dynamics, gamification, video walls and kiosk communication, rewards for social sharing, location based services…


We offer self-service touch screen kiosks that can be used as check in locations (both mobile or card version), but also to get information on the shopping centre, store promotions and events. The touch screens can also be used as a gaming interface for quick games, which can also be integrated with the loyalty program and video wall.

The smartphone app uses state-of-the-art interaction mechanics, designed to help your customers easily find everything they need: opening hours, maps, searchable store listings, promotions, parking memory tool, etc. Options include full social media, gaming and fidelity program integration for a full relationship with the mall.

A portfolio of games to trigger 24/7 engagement and social sharing. You can choose among avatar games, promotional games, word games and mobile games. All these entertainment experience are specifically tailored to increase engagement with your shopping centre.

Depending on the other CELS products you are using, the games can also: – integrate with the fidelity program (including location based options like “geocaching” or zone-based triggers), – interact in real time with video walls, – be played on touch screen kiosks.

CELS Platform is also a powerful promotion tool to communicate special offers, events and other information. The system can capitalise on the database of the loyalty platform and analyse behavioural profiles of each customer, in order to convey the right messages at the right time.

  • A multi-channel mix of media

    – Using the media management module, managers choose their preferred mix of media and the intended targets: push notifications, text messages, direct emails, etc.

  • Access to the system

    – Managers and retailers have access to the management module with different levels of authorisation.

Posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, customers can spontaneously spread and enhance your marketing message. With our solution to integrate social media you can make it easy for them to engage with your shopping centre brand. Customers will post directly to your Facebook page, use Foursquare to check in, or use Twitter to tweet about your shopping centre – all with seamless native integration to the smartphone app.

A video wall can be a showcase for brand content (from shopping centre or retailers), a communication and an entertainment tool.

CELS offers customized video wall software with plugins for all Social Media. The video wall can be programmed to pull programming from the web, or provide specific content at specific times.

Unlike any other solution currently available on the market, CELS video wall software is specifically built to communicate over multiple media channels for various purposes, and so does not have the legacy of being designed as a narrowcasting, broadcasting or presentation platform.