CELS Events (Part of CELS Group) Proudly Presents Qatar’s National Day 2016

As a result of this year’s National Day celebrations, we were presented with the opportunity to provide Aspire Park with a great project that shows their pride and support to the country.

In this occasion, we installed the impressive composition of one thousand Qatari flags, that were visible from different areas along the park, such as Al Waab Street Although the National Day is celebrated on the 18th of December, we provided this flag composition for the whole week, allowing visitors and anyone around to enjoy them.

The area covered by this thousand Qatari flags was around three thousand square meters, something that created a huge impact on the visual structure of the area for the time placed, as it is around the size of a full football field.

Here at CELS Events we would like to personally thank everyone that has had the time to celebrate with us, share and enjoy our work, as it give us the strength to continue providing great and creative decorative solutions all over the region!


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